Sunday, February 28, 2010


So we had our first tsunami advisory out at OS since we moved in. It hit at minus tide, during a clam dig and no one noticed anything abnormal.

Now that we have the water damage fixed from the leak in the roof, we have started the painting in the bathrooms. I was shooting for a brick red, we got something closer to terracotta or dark dusty rose or mauve depending on the light. Not exceptionally wild about it, but I ain't repainting it anytime soon. The official color is Sugar Bowl, but if I saw sugar that color I would be very hesitant to use it. Cathedral ceilings sound nice and look nice, but what a pain to paint. Especially in a bathroom where there isn't a lot of room for a ladder. Still have some touch up to do and still have to do the entry way and the guest bathroom (Apple Creek is the color which is pastel blue, go figure) on top of all the remodeling we have to do at the condo this year.

BTW - Pictures of 2009 are up. Don't have Christmas on there. Emily and Kristi selected them and the thought of narrowing down the assortment seems to have escaped them.

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