Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

Ho ho ho and all that.

I have updated the photo albums over there on the left. We have had an amazing amount of snow in Puyallup the past few days and the Christmas lights look awesome when that happens.

Thanks to all of you who supported Emily on the Raider Run this year. She was the top fund raiser in the third grade! She got a really nice fleece jacket for her efforts of getting money out of you and us.

We plan on being at the beach for a long weekend over New Year's. We'll be closing in on a year with the Beach House in February. Hard to believe sometimes.

Here is wishing you and yours Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Cool Kwanzaa, Gut Jule, Happy Chanukah and a Slammin' Solstice. However you celebrate your winter holiday, we hope you enjoy it.

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