Sunday, August 17, 2008

All Good Things...

Alas, our week at the beach is over. We spent Thursday afternoon at the jetty taking pictures of pelicans and harbor seals (will post some tomorrow). Friday the Dobbs family came and joined us. We played games, ate good food, shopped and went miniature golfing. Sunday they left early and we spent the day idling cleaning up and getting ready to return to the trials and tribulations of having to pay for a beach house. The weather was foggy and rainy the last couple of days.

Now we have a new project to focus on: a shed. It is amazing how much stuff we need down there that we either do not have room for or would prefer not to store in the house. Right now we are looking at our options, i.e. metal vs wood. Dan suggested concrete, but he isn't the sanest person I know.

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