Monday, May 5, 2008

Annual Game Guild Gathering

Well we managed to get the annual Game Guild Gatherings back on track. For our 23rd Anniversary get together we had Mark, Dan, Perry, Leif and Mike Edgar. I am pretty sure I haven't seen Leif since his wedding six years ago. Fatherhood has mellowed him, but deep down he is still the same maniac that... well there are a lot of stories.

We played 20 games over the course of three days, ate good food (helluva lot better than what we ate 23 years ago), reminisced, talked treason, compared our lives, talked about our wives and kids behind their backs. In other words we just had a good time.

They all seemed to like the beach place. We probably could have brough about 10% of the games and 25% of the food and still had fun. As it was the kitchen/dining area was overflowing with stuff.

May 1st-3rd next year guys.

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