Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random Thoughs from Beside the Sea

There is something about a real pizza place. The furniture, the carpet, the juke box are all part of it. Pizza there is always better with nasty old dried out Parmesan cheese and root beer or beer tastes so much better out of a pitcher. Ocean Shores is blessed with such a place, Dugan's Pizza. As your attorney I advise eating there next time you are here.

Another nice thing about the OS area is a decent classic rock station, KDUX. Very similar to the Puget Sound area's KZOK. I have just been listening to the radio which is rare for me (I prefer to listen to albums). With nothing on the walls yet, the echo of classic rock is quite potent.

I am not sure why but walking down the peninsula at the remains of Damon Point State Park is more relaxing than walking over to the beach from our house. Always seems like we are power walking when we walk to the beach.

Alas the washer broke and the roof leaks by the vent in the guest bath. Sigh, not there yet.

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