Sunday, March 9, 2008

Biding time


After our first weekend at the beach, we have not been able to go back. The first weekend of March we had family stuff. This weekend and next weekend I am on-call. So what can we do that is productive while we stuck at home?

Collect stuff to take to the beach!

While the piles are not as big as last time, we have accumulated a washer (nod to the Dobbs clan) and dryer, five lamps and some end tables (thanks to Ma and Pa Stubblefield). Also the usual household items that we need fill several boxes. At this point we need a bed (to replace ours and send our current set to the beach), a dresser (for Emily), another futon (guest room/TV room).

The factory is sending out their rep to do a walk-through and repairs laste on the week of the 17th, so that will be our next trip. I hope the Easter Bunny can find us down there because that is where we will likely be Easter monring.

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