Saturday, February 23, 2008

We're here!!!

Yesterday was move-in in day at the beach. Thursday night we loaded up my truck, my Dad’s truck and Kristi’s car so we could get an early start. I got to Ocean Shores around noon on Friday and started the walk-through. We found a number of cosmetic things besides the fireplace. Nothing earth shattering though: a couple of tile chips and a mirror needing replacement.

Dana and Diane Detray, the owners of Detrays where we bought our home, stopped by and said “hi”. Diane and Cindy, our sales person, left some nice dolphin knick-knacks on the mantel for us which was very nice. Apparently by moving in before our walk-through with Skyline upsets Skyline somehow, but as long as any to-do’s make it on Detray’s report we should be OK.

So we unload everything. I was so busy with everything yesterday, I didn't even get the camera out let alone take a picture.

My parents picked Emily up at school and then drove out here with the last load of stuff. We went out for dinner last night (seafood of course) and they spent the night. This morning we all went for a beach walk and then out to breakfast. If that doesn’t sum up why we bought this place, I don’t know what does.

They just headed home, so tonight we are on our own. I will upload pictures when I get home (the cell card isn’t fast enough to be worth it).

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