Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lessons learned

If I were to do this all over again, here are ideas where money could have been spent wisely.
  1. Pay the $100 to have the interior color be something other than STARK WHITE. Looks OK in the day, but at night it looks like an Asylum.
  2. Get the carpet pad upgrade. Dear lord it is like walking on office carpeting bare-foot. My feet are so sore right now I can barely walk.
  3. Counter tops that are not made out of chalk or soap or whatever that stuff is. I am guessing that it will need to be replaced before we retire because it appears to lack any durability.
Coming home was nonetheless a bummer and it won't be for another month until we can get back. Some pictures are loaded into the Beach Place Story II. We really didn't take all that many this weekend either because we were too busy, too tired or too messy to want evidence. I need to start a 2008 folder for pictures too.

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