Sunday, February 17, 2008

Inside at last

So we went out to the property today. The outside looks good. The only odd thing was the mountain of wire for the phone and cable in front of the power box and the back faucet is kind of cheesey. I am hoping someone cleans these up.

Poking around we found a key! Amazing, but it worked on the locks on the doors. I wouldn't have guessed it was there, but since we found it we went inside. YES!!! Inside at last!

Inside still needed to be cleaned as there was a lot of carpet fibers and construction dirt around. We got a good close up of the fireplace and it is very pretty, but the surround came loose from the wall, the firebox is off kilter leaving gaps between the sides and the back and the mantle corners do not meet flush. Ummm...spent over $2,000 on that fireplace so they need to fix it. The only other big problem was the accent tiles in the kitchen are the wrong color (looks good really, but definitely not what we ordered) and are missing altogether from the master bath. Since we paid extra for those tiles we either need a refund or they need to fix it. A refund would be preferable really. The top of the dishwasher has a rail that is not on the guide wheel, should be an easy fix.

Overall we are pretty happy with it, only one major problem and a couple minor ones. The final walk-through is Friday (when we are supposed to point these things out). Once those are fixed we should be in good shape.

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